4 Window Styles for Your Contemporary Home

In order to bring out the distinct features of your contemporary style home, it helps to install a set of fiberglass replacement windows suited for its modern features. Contemporary decor tends to favor interiors with tone-on-tone color palettes, pieces with rounded lines and metallic finishes. Generally, tall, expansive windows are ideal for complementing these characteristics. So if you’re looking to give your contemporary house an upgrade, you could do no better than to have Marvin replacement windows installed in your home.

Here are some Marvin window options that blend nicely with contemporary features:

Casement windows
Marvin offers several unique casement windows, each with innovative appearance and performance features fitting for contemporary homes. The tall, cleanly-designed Ultimate Casement Window, for example, could improve the look of your home by letting in more natural light. Its state-of-the-art design is enhanced with myriad customization options, allowing you to select the finish and accessories to best match your personal decor style.

Glider windows
Glider windows are the perfect type of Marvin replacement windows for a contemporary kitchen. Their wider design can give your room a streamlined look, and their bare wood interior makes them suited to match the tones of other modern features. Glider windows’ unmatched craftsmanship is paired with superior energy efficiency, thanks to Marvin’s innovative glass insulation. Homeowners looking for wider options should look into the OXXO Glider window, which features two center panels that open in opposite directions, allowing an unobstructed opening.

Special shape windows
Nothing can give your home a more modern look quite like Marvin’s customizable special shape windows. These windows can be designed in almost any geometric shape imaginable, so you can add a completely one-of-a-kind sense of dimension to a room. Another uniquely shaped offering from Marvin is the 90-degree corner window. This window features a right-angled design that lets you and your guests have a panoramic view of your home’s surroundings, making the corner of your room more exciting than ever before.

Tilt turn and hopper windows
Marvin’s Tilt turn and hopper windows both feature distinctive opening mechanisms, adding to the modern characteristics of your home. Tilt turn windows have a dual-opening system – they can either be swung open like a door or opened from the top of the sash. Hopper windows are swung in from the top, and can conveniently be used as a venting transom over a door.

If you decide that these windows are the right features for your contemporary home, reach out to a New Jersey replacement window contractor today.