Fiberglass vs Vinyl

Infinity uses a patented, mechanically-bonded finish, compared to competitor’s thin painted finish that can expose the rough fiberglass material.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows v Vinyl Replacement Windows

Unlike Vinyl, Ultrex Fiberglass is resistant to climatic conditions, chemicals and moisture. Ultrex resists UV degradation up to 5X longer than most vinyl products. Overtime, vinyl can show its age—spots, streaks and overall discoloration may appear. Due to it’s potential to become brittle, possible cracks and material separation can also occur in weathered vinyl products

  • Strength:  Ultrex Fiberglass is 8X stronger than vinyl allowing for a much greater glass viewing area on fiberglass replacement windows.
  • Expansion & Contraction:  Ultrex expands and contracts 833% less than vinyl, which is the most common cause of seal failure!

Vinyl windows can arrive with messy welded corners, and bulky profiles that reduce your view. Infinity windows arrive with clean mechanically-bonded corners, traditional details, and narrow profiles to maximize your view.

  • Durability: Exterior acrylic finish is thicker than competitive finishes and resistant to UV degradation by 5X more than most vinyl in NJ
  • Green Ultrex Fiberglass requires 39% less energy to produce than vinyl!
  • Beauty: You can not compare the beauty or our Marvin windows to vinyl windows as it won’t even be fair! For less than the cost of wood/vinyl Anderson windows, you can have a gorgeous Fiberglass Window installed in your home that will make all your neighbors jealous!

When discussing fiberglass versus vinyl, fiberglass is the clear winner. Fiberglass windows NJ will brighten your home for years to come and will save you on your energy bill every season!

Our patented, mechanically bonded finish is up to 3x thicker than competitive finishes. It provides superior resistance to scratching and UV degradation - even on darker colors.