Beauty, Versatility, & View

Having polygon windows in your home promotes a distinctive artistic appeal in the interior and exterior areas of your home. Additionally, they are not only great with a variety of styles, but are also designed to accentuate the unique architecture of your home and give any living space a dramatic improvement, and, as a result, they offer expansive views and abundant natural light. You will be surprised that a little customization in shapes and sizes will increase the ambiance of your home, while illuminating your interior décor with a special touch of character and charm.

Amazing Design Flexibility

The versatility of polygon windows makes them an irresistible product when it comes to home improvement projects. Homeowners are offered the freedom to create any window arrangement they desire without restrictions or constraints. Thanks to the superior strength and precision of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, polygon windows can be as large as 49 square feet with a maximum span of up to 9 feet. And, they also come equipped with features such as:

  • Customizable in various sizes, shapes, and forms to fit virtually any opening
  • Available in a wide selection of Infinity exterior color and interior finish combinations
  • Directly glazed for maximum strength and bigger views

Because of the durability of Ultrex fiberglass, our polygon windows are also available in narrow frames, with many configurations to choose from.

Energy Efficient Accessories

It is difficult to discuss the versatility, beauty, and flexibility of Marvin polygon windows without highlighting their charming and energy efficient accessories. Like all products from Marvin Windows of New Jersey, customization and accessory choices are especially important. We are interested in creating a product inspired by you, which is why we offer:

  • 15 Different Colors of Integrated Shades to shelter your window from direct solar radiation.
  • Glazing options such as LoĒ²-272 and LoĒ³-366 to enhance energy performance by effectively reflecting UV radiation and incoming solar heat.

The window material itself — our exclusive, innovative Ultrex fiberglass — is engineered for thermal efficiency, durability, and longevity. Combine sustainability with endless customization, your final product will be one that will outperform every wood and vinyl window available.

Call (877) 387-3093 and our staff will help you choose just the right customization and shape.