Unprecedented Window Sash Operation and Design

Marvin’s Double hung windows are the definite choice for remodeling, replacement or new construction projects. While homeowners’ experience with an old double hung window is often tainted when their windows stubbornly refused to slide open, Marvin resurrects this traditional favorite with an innovative twist.  Not only are they beautiful and incredibly durable, but they also can stand against inclement weather. Configurations also include single hung windows or both sash stationary. Marvin’s Infinity double hung windows come equipped with:

  • Both upper and lower sash to ensure a seamless operating experience
  • Easy tilt feature to make cleaning nice and simple
  • Standard, Cottage or Oriel styles to capture design and ambiance

As you can see, quality hardware and advanced design have made these windows extremely user-friendly. You’ll be amazed at its smooth, effortless operation and unmatched versatility.


Easy to Maintain and Clean

With the latest mechanical enhancements, our customers no longer have to put up with stubborn glass, incorrigible screens, or filthy ledges. Instead, you will be surprised how Spring Cleaning will be more of a breeze when you experience the power of a Marvin Double hung window. Double Hung windows are amazingly simple to operate thanks to the the innovative Easy Tilt Operation making it possible for owners to tilt both upper and lower sash tilt into the room for easy cleaning. All you have to do is:

  • Step 1
    Step #1: Unlock and raise the sash slightly
  • Step 2
    Step #2: Press the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button
  • Step 3
    Step #3: Tilt the sash into the room for easy cleaning without removing screens

With these simple steps, homeowners can conveniently clean the outside of the pane from within, thus cutting down the regular procedure of removing the screen.

Trending Window Styles

Just as it is often said that a first appearance is of the utmost importance, designers at Marvin have worked out this principle without jeopardizing any functionality or operational convenience. Throughout Northern New Jersey, we offer standard, cottage, and even oriel styles to complement your aesthetic preferences and architectural design. Our customization flexibility is furthered by various integrated shades solution, interior and exterior finish options, and energy efficient glass and glazing options that will not only make your home a stunning art piece, but also one with a superior energy performance.

Call Marvin Windows New Jersey at (877) 387-3093 for a free consultation. It’s time to upgrade to Infinity from Marvin Double hung windows and enjoy the convenience this traditional favorite has to offer!