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At Marvin Windows, we provide the most reliable, durable, and energy efficient products in New Jersey. In doing so, we are passionate about meeting your aesthetic needs in an affordable and professional manner. Whether you covet a vibrant touch or an elegant lure, our team stands ready to apply their unmatched design expertise to capture the exact “feel” you want. We care about our customers and will do all we can to light your home with personality. As the only company with the exclusive rights to sell Marvin Windows in Northern New Jersey, we offer:

  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Customization Flexibility
  • Energy Efficient Window Materials

Check out our selection of Infinity from Marvin Replacement Window products and find the perfect match for your home today!

Marvin Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Versatility and user-friendliness are the defining characteristics of the Infinity from Marvin Awning Window. With a top hinge that is created to give you the flexibility for an expanded lookout, awning windows invite pieces of nature into your home with open arms. Our Awning windows are attractive to the eye, easy to operate, and can be left open even in rainy weather.

Marvin Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Infinity Bay Windows are built to create an open feeling with an outward projected window space. Our selection of Bay replacement windows captures the indulgent experience of a refreshing retreat. Available in standard pine or optional oak head and seat boards, our bay windows will add architectural ambiance, light, and ventilation to any room of your choice.

Marvin Bow Windows

Bow Windows

Known for its gentle curve, bow windows will give your home a unique flair of roundness. The elegant outward projection not only adds personality to the exterior of your home, but also gives your interior environment a unique sprinkle of charisma. Homeowners who opt for bow windows also have the option to create their curve with four, five, or six wide assemblies of Casement windows.

Marvin  Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Similar to versatile awning windows, Infinity from Marvin casement windows are loved for their convenient and user-friendly features. Designed for performance and aesthetic quality, casement windows also come with two-hinge options that make cleaning and operation completely effortless. With multiple assembly options as well as an multi-point locking system, the folding handles found on these lovely windows will maximize visual impact, while giving your windows a clean and finished look.

Marvin Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

A timeless favorite of many homeowners, Infinity from Marvin Double Hung windows come equipped with two sashes in a single frame, which provides you with the ease of operation unfounded in a traditional double hung window. When it comes to cleaning, double hung windows can be easily tilted into the room to accommodate your home when it comes time for spring cleaning. Marvin’s double hung windows are not only stunning, but they will undoubtedly augment the curb appeal of your home.

Marvin Glider Window

Glider Windows

True to its name, the Infinity from Marvin Glider window brings contemporary styling and a modern, streamlined look to your very home. Sealed tightly against air and water infiltration, our glider windows promise effortless gliding operation with your choice of sash configuration. Our glider windows are made of the durable and tough Ultrex fiberglass. They are built to last and require virtually zero maintenance on your part.

Marvin Polygon Window

Polygon Windows

Integrate dimensions and drama to your window treatment by installing Infinity from Marvin Polygon and Picture windows in your home. Our polygon windows come in virtually any geometric shape you can imagine, including triangle, octagon, trapezoid, and much more! Enjoy the limitless customization by selecting from any Infinity exterior color and interior finish combinations. Just describe your dream window and we will create one that will illuminate your home with a dash of uniqueness and versatility.

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Infinity from Marvin is a full line of fiberglass replacement windows and patio doors designed by the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors. All Infinity products are sold as a complete, installed package to provide you with a high-quality, hassle-free experience. Contact Marvin Window New Jersey today by calling (887) 387-3093.