Strength of Marvin Ultrex Windows

Long Lasting Durability

Durability that lasts for a lifetime. That is the mantra best used to describe Ultrex. Fiberglass is already durable and strong enough but thanks to Ultrex’s technology, our windows are as strong as low carbon steel and eight times stronger than vinyl. It’s so tough only a diamond-edge blade can make a mark, and its strength translates into superior stability, long-term ease of operation, low-maintenance, and superior performance.

When the most severe of weather conditions come, Ultrex is built to withstand all that Mother Nature has to offer. Our fiberglass windows contain 0% vinyl and thus make the panes virtually impervious to any harsh condition thrown at them. These windows won’t crack or break and, as a result, perform best under the worst of scenarios. To have durability that lasts a lifetime, our products must rise to any challenge, no matter how severe it may be. Superior endurance in the most trying of times. This is the epitome of Ultrex fiberglass.

Acrylic Coating

Our fiberglass windows are also coated in acrylic, giving your home or business a refined and sparkling touch. This substance is hard to compromise and aesthetically pleasing too. Infinity from Marvin windows are the perfect combination of quality and affordability, offering buyers a top-notch window solution for an affable cost.

The bottom line is that our Infinity from Marvin Windows are not only strong, but they boast the strength of Ultrex fiberglass. If your home needs replacement windows or an entirely new window solution, we offer the ideal solution for anyone seeking a durable, proven and reliable solution fused with the most proven and resourceful technology.

Contact Marvin Windows in Northern New Jersey at (887) 387-3093 to learn more about the overpowering strength of Ultrex fiberglass.