Fiberglass is the Superior Window Material

Vinyl windows have a long history in the home improvement industry. First appeared in the 1970s, vinyl is actually a common name given to an advanced polymer called Poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC). While PVC is widely used in construction, transportation, and other industries, its affordability is known to compromise other key features every window should have. Not only is vinyl not as strong or durable as other window products, it is susceptible to wear and can show signs of spots, streaks, and discoloration overtime.

Marvin fiberglass windows, unlike vinyl, have superior thermal performance, keeping them from excessive expansion and contraction during temperature change. Containing 0% vinyl, they are made of an innovative, high-quality protruded fiberglass window called Ultrex Fiberglass. It is so durable and strong that you need to use a diamond-edged blade to inflict any significant damage! Besides demonstrating amazing resistance against UV degradation up to 5 times better than most vinyl products, they also outperform vinyl in the following areas:

  • Strength: Ultrex Fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl, allowing for a much greater glass viewing area.
    Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl
  • Expansion & Contraction: Ultrex expands and contracts 833% less than vinyl, helping homeowners to avoid one of the most common causes of seal failure.
    Ultrex vs Vinyl bar chart
  • Durability: Exterior acrylic finish is not only beautiful, but also thicker than competitive finishes. Your Marvin fiberglass window is guaranteed to look as beautiful ten, twenty, and even thirty years from now.
  • Green: Ultrex Fiberglass is 100% recyclable and requires 39% less energy to produce than vinyl. It can also block up to 95% of UV radiation without compromising the visibility and natural lighting of your home.
  • Beauty:  With countless design styles and color choices, your Marvin fiberglass windows will lend a personal flair that perfectly complements your home’s architectural charm.

When comparing the features of fiberglass and vinyl, fiberglass is clearly the winner. Upgrade to Marvin fiberglass windows today and have a gorgeous window installed in your home for less than the cost of vinyl windows!

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