High-Quality Staining Process

Marvin factory-applied interior finishes are special in many, many ways. One outstanding factor that distinguishes our Infinity interior finishes from all other manufacturers on the market is our unique staining process. At Marvin, customizing is easy and quick and begins before your door or window is assembled. To ensure quality, Marvin will apply even coats of conditioning as well as two coats of clear finish on every single piece of wood. Afterwards, the wood pieces are sanded and baked twice in an oven so that the stain will integrate beautifully and seamlessly with the wood.

Generous Interior Finish Selections

It is a guarantee that all of your painted windows and doors will stand out from the crowd. Besides providing you with high-quality stains that are designed for longevity and durability, our finishes are also available on all premium wood species that include:

  • Standard Pine
  • Cherry
  • Douglas Fir
  • Mahogany
  • Vertical grain Douglas fir
  • White Oak

Because of the durability of Ultrex fiberglass, our polygon windows are also available in narrow frames, with many configurations to choose from.


Lasting Beauty with a Touch of “Green”

Because we are committed to providing the best finish to bring out the natural beauty, texture, and grain of wood, our integrated conditioning and staining process is done with great care and precision. Not only are our stains charming and versatile, they are also designed to last; re-stain only happens if you want to change a color. On the other hand, our passion for sustainable and eco-friendly living prompts us to destroy 95% of VOCs, while maintaining unmatched quality for all our products.

Whether you want your window in a rich and vibrant honey color or in a deep, thoughtful espresso, all of our stain options boast a unique style and character that stands ready to complement any wood species and window design you choose. Even if our standard options or clear coat is not on par with your aesthetic expectation, our team is more than happy to let you try our beautifully primed and painted finish. And with Signature Service, custom colors are also a possibility.

Marvin Windows of Northern New Jersey will do everything to create the window or door of your dreams! Pick out your stain and let our professional team do the rest. Call (877) 387-3093 to reserve a free consultation today!