Beautiful, Easy to Operate Hardware

All of our hardware is created to perform and engineered to maximize your user experience. The handles you find on all Marvin windows (and doors) will allow you to operate with ease. By offering an exceptional operational experience to all our valued customers, homeowners like you will be able to easily adjust the opening of your window and control the air ventilation of your room. Our standard hardware options include:

  • White interiors with White
  • EverWood interiors with Satin Taupe
  • Sierra interiors with Sierra

Give Your Windows a Luxurious Upgrade

While all of our products come with standard accessories, upgrading your hardware to one of our luxurious finish options will give your windows a unique, distinctive look. Browse through our upgrade collection to find a color and style that fully reflects the personality of your home:

  • Sierra (optional on non-sierra units)
    -Loved for its creamy and gentle feel
  • Satin Nickel
    -Durable and Strong
  • Brushed Chrome
    -Sprinkles your window with a sleek and modern complexity
  • Brass
    -Traditional but durable
  • Antique Brass
    -Adds richness and a spark of nobility to your home
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    -Great for bringing opulence and elegance into your home

No matter what style or flair you wish to evoke, each color in our upgrade collection is dedicated to capturing a unique charisma. Depending on the type of window you have in your home, we offer hardware designs that are dedicated exclusively to certain window styles. We have a design for awning, casement, double hung, and glider windows. There is also a hardware option for our stunning sliding doors!

Complete your redesign today with our gorgeous hardware options by calling (887) 387-3093 today.