Exterior Colors

Infinity from Marvin exterior color options come in six refreshing and robust shades. Our windows are coated in acrylic, giving our panes a refined luster and shine. Additionally, our products are matched with strong durability and resilience in the most demanding conditions. Our color selection includes:


  • Stone White
  • Sierra
  • Bronze
  • Bahama Brown
  • Cashmere
  • Pebble Grey

Who says you can’t have beauty and brawn? Withstanding degradation five times better than vinyl, our windows are the exemplary combination of aesthetics and functionality!

Glass Options

Further complement that unique look by delving into the variety of glass options that Marvin offers including energy efficient glass, which will keep you comfortable without further expending wasted energy, and in turn, running up your energy bills at the end of each month. In fact, Marvin windows reduces overall energy consumption by 39%. Designed to maximize thermal efficiency in winter and reflective value in summer, all glass options will thoroughly protect your house from solar heat and UV radiation, keeping your home comfortable regardless of rain or sun, sleet or snow.

Grille Options

Select from a wide range of interior grids, no grids or SDL grids. SDL is our Simulated-Divided-Lights option that replicates old wood windows with the energy efficiency of modern double pane windows. Capture the personality of your home by utilizing the grille option to the fullest extent.

Luxury of Choice

Marvin color options are diverse and unique, all with a distinct combination of value and sophistication. Whether you’re looking to give your home a more modern look or you prefer a rustic perspective, we offer countless styles and options for customization down to the very last specification.

Marvin windows are engineered with high quality materials, incorporating modern technology with proven traditional glass solution methods. Marvin color selections offer unrivaled design flexibility, allowing customers to find and combine exquisite exterior window color options with fine interior finishes. Combine style with glamour and durability with affordability and what you get is a top of the line, energy efficient, beautiful window with impeccable performance.

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