Replicating the Authentic Feel of Wood

Wood windows have been a classical favorite passionately loved for their authenticity, fine detail, and natural beauty. EverWood interior from Marvin emulates the textures and appearance of wood so every homeowner can introduce this all-time beauty into the heart and life of their homes. Created with a distinctive look and feel in mind, there is absolutely no way for you to distinguish EverWood from typical wood. Additionally, it can be easily stained to custom match your new windows with all your cabinets, furniture, and other accessories of your home.

Beauties Made to Last

With Ultrex fiberglass patented acrylic finish on the outside and the invincible EverWood on the inside, our customers can enjoy an extraordinary window that looks, feels, and even stains like real wood. We offer generous stain selections and flexible customizations so you can easily match any color:

  • Chestnut
  • Dark Oak
  • Maple
  • Dark Maple
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood Walnut


Ultra Durable Performance

EverWood is also extremely easy to maintain and does not require you to keep up with a tedious cycle of sanding, scraping, or refinishing. Its charming appearance can be preserved with absolutely no upkeep on your part. All you have to do is dust it with a cloth to keep it clean and shiny. Because Marvin is committed to improving the convenience and enjoyment level of your life, we make sure that it is impervious to moisture and all other common troubles you experience with a traditional wood window.



Replicating the sensation of an artisan’s touch, EverWood helps homeowners bring beauty, warmth, and charm into their homes. Engineered for longevity and superior performance, we promise that EverWood comes with all the advantages of real wood, but none of the annoying maintenance chores. Backing our promise with Infinity’s limited lifetime warranty, your interior will maintain its dazzling look for years to come!

Enjoy the organic look and feel of wood by ordering our innovative EverWood Interior today. Call (887) 387-3093.