Why Choose Marvin Windows New Jersey

We pride ourselves, as a company, on our legacy of excellence and professionalism. Not only do we offer exclusivity when it comes to selling Marvin windows in northern New Jersey, but we are also committed to finding our customers the perfect window: one that captures beauty and performance.

Our team includes a group of design and installation specialists who will work with you to make sure you receive the best window treatment service in New Jersey. By carefully listening and documenting your personal needs, we will:

  • Apply our innovative design principles and create a window specifically for you
  • We will be consistently by your side from initial consultation to final installation
  • Handle your questions or concerns with professional care and precise attention
  • Make sure that everyone walks away with a fantastic window renovation experience.

Check out our customization options to begin to design and create a unique window from these unbelievable features:

Styles and Options

Glass Options

Energy efficient glass will keep you comfortable without further expending wasted energy, and in turn, running up your energy bills at the end of each month. Designed to maximize thermal efficiency in winter and reflective value in summer, all glass options from Infinity from Marvin Windows will competently protect your house from solar heat and UV radiation, keeping your home comfortable regardless of what kind of weather Mother Nature brings.

Grille Options

Choose a wide array of interior grids, no grids or SDL grids. SDL is our Simulated-Divided-Lights option that replicates old wood windows with the energy efficiency of modern double pane windows.

Hardware Options

Marvin offers beautiful and durable hardware that will complement your window and enhance its charm. Add a touch of class with our versatile hardware options. Your Marvin Infinity window will outshine all vinyl and wood products on the market.

EverWood Interior

EverWood is a revolutionary composite wood finish that helps you experience the natural beauty of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Your fiberglass windows will look, feel and even stain like wood without further painting, scraping or maintenance.

Interior Finishes

Sprinkle a touch of charm and ambiance to your windows with Marvin’s pre-finish colors of white or sierra. You are also welcomed to integrate a classical charisma to your interior décor by trying out our EverWood finish. All of Marvin Infinity’s finish are of the best quality and requires zero maintenance. They can also be easily painted or stained with virtually any color of your fancy.

Exterior Colors

Choose from six beautiful, acrylic coated exterior colors that are created to last forever. The exterior selection includes White, Sierra, Bronze, Brown, Cashmere, and Pebble Grey! All these colors are simply stunning, the decision is yours to make!

Lifetime Warranty

Marvin Windows offers a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your window and any complementary accessories remain hassle-free and functional for life. So, even if something unfortunate happens, give us a call and let us answer your questions.

Marvin Windows of Northern New Jersey offers the most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options for your window renovation project. Unleash your artistic expressions  by calling (877) 387-3093.