Maximize your home decor with complementary Marvin windows

While choosing Marvin replacement windows as the right brand for your room renovation is an easy decision, you may find yourself struggling to select a specific window type from the array of beautiful options offered by Marvin. If you find that there are multiple window designs that would fit your home decor, you're in luck. Many Marvin windows can be installed on their own or as a companion piece with other windows. Your window installation options are limitless with Marvin.

Here are a few pairs of complementary Marvin windows that could bring your home decor to a whole new level:

Awning and casement windows
Marvin's Ultimate Cranking Awning window offers the perfect marriage of elegant aesthetics and energy-efficient performance. When paired with Marvin's Ultimate Casement window, these windows provide a state-of-the-art, durable window solution that can innovate the look of your living room, sunroom and other spaces.

Awning windows are a distinctive type of fiberglass replacement windows that are hinged at the top and open from the bottom. Their wide opening allows for optimal air flow, even on a rainy day. Casement windows are highly versatile, suited to fit just about any home application. The unmatched craftsmanship and infinite customization options of these windows make them an excellent fit for both traditional and contemporary homes. Not many window options are as weather protective and stunningly beautiful as the combination of Marvin awning and casement windows.

Tilt turn and hopper windows
The pairing of Marvin's tilt turn and hopper windows could be the ideal window upgrade for homeowners seeking a creative, high-performance window series. The tilt turn window offers a dual-opening mechanism – it can be opened inward like a door or tilted open from the top. Hopper windows are a specialized type of Marvin replacement windows that can provide greater light and air exchange when matched with tilt turn windows. Hopper windows are great on their own – they can fit into smaller spaces and their stellar ventilation properties make them a great addition to rooms that need improved air circulation, like a bathroom or basement. But if you're looking to innovate the decor of a room, the companionship of Hopper and Tilt Turn windows may be the solution you've always dreamed of.

Pivot and rotary windows
For the best in contemporary design and originality, look no further than Marvin's pivot and rotary windows. These windows are circular in shape and both feature unique opening mechanisms. Pivot windows can open up to 90 degrees from the closed position by pivoting to the desired angle. Rotary windows feature a fully rotating sash and can be set up to open by a full half-circle or just a sliver, depending on your personal preference. The pairing of these beautifully detailed windows gives rooms a more modernized decor, allowing homeowners to keep their room designs a step above those of neighboring houses.

If you've decided that your home could benefit from the installation of a Marvin window combination, reach out to a New Jersey replacement window contractor today.