Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Window Features

Among the specifications which make Marvin windows unique is an exclusive integrated tilt lever lock which allows the sash to be tilted in and easily cleaned. In addition, these fixtures can accommodate single hung windows or sash stationery products. Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung windows are a flexible product that rejoices in diversity and offers a variety of options for historical projects.

Embracing history is important and Marvin recognizes this by offering a selection of simulated or authentic divided light patterns and profiles which can also be complemented with uneven or uncommon patterns to match existing profiles. In addition, checkrail units and variable styles and rail widths can also be incorporated to achieve the optimal result.

Ultimate Double Hung Windows Offer Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is another important facet promoted by Marvin. Every Ultimate Double Hung Window comes with available structural and certified factory mulls ranging from frame to frame, 1”, 2” LVL or 3/8” MRF. Furthermore, uneven sills or headers can also be specified. Since customizing a structurally sound look is instrumental to Marvin, these products are also offered in six different variations of half round or elliptical upper sashes, further achieving a unique and customized look.

Variety of Styles and Designs

Like other Marvin products, the Ultimate Double Hung window is offered with integrated shade solutions, offering fifteen shades of Marvin’s signature light-filtering fabric. All integrated shades are designed to match any Marvin interior finish and tailored to fit precisely around edges and virtually eliminate any light bleed when deployed. Furthermore, these shades are easy to use and designed to be ergonomic in both operation and maintenance.

Ultimate Double Hung Options

Marvin Ultimate Stormplus Technology

For coastal customers, Marvin also offers StormPlus technology with these parts and products. Protect any inserted double hung window with laminated glass and reinforced frames. Marvin also proudly offers a set of standard features which make these windows, architecturally superior. All Ultimate Double Hung Windows come with one Loe-272 argon insulating glass, Satin Taupe wood lock, bare wood interior available in six species of wood and six different stains, all wood brick mold casing and 8” sill bevels. All Marvin products also feature a DP50 performance rating.

Why Choose Marvin Windows New Jersey

Our staff at Marvin Windows of New Jersey’s staff is more than equipped and we are prepared to help you with whatever design, glass, or style you choose. Our glass and window experts will work alongside you to ensure your new window is exactly the one you’d rather have in your home.