Ultimate Awning Options

Marvin Ultimate Windows: CE Certified

Ultimate Awning Windows from Marvin come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 72”x72” to 72”x63”. In addition, all goods come with four 9×16 jambs. Marvin rests behind an assurance for quality and value, all mull configurations are AAMA450 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) Certified and also CE certified.

The CE certification is an engineering accolade Marvin is proud to hold and endorse, and acts a guarantee that these windows abide by the core requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD), a legal mandate of the European Commission. Achieving this international citation further embellishes and validates Marvin’s commitment to producing high-quality and high-performance products such as the Ultimate Awning Window.

Ultimate Awning Window Features

The low expansion of Ultrex means Infinity windows from Marvin are impervious to sticking, swelling, and warping. It resists discoloration, warping, rotting, corrosion, denting, rust and doesn’t require sanding, scraping, or painting. Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass also meets requirement 623-10 of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), an association that voluntarily publishes specifications for organic coatings on fiber-reinforced thermoset profiles. Qualifying for AAMA 623-10 requirement means that Ultrex is a window material with extremely high durability. It does not suffer corrosion, blistering, or peeling even when exposed to acid, baked in a hot oven, and placed in extremely cold temperature!

Choose Your Own Design

Every window comes with a chic Satin Taupe folding handle and sash lock, along with a cosmopolitan bare wood interior. For those wishing to achieve a customized look, wood products are offered in six different species with six additional stains, allowing for the possibility of thirty-six different designs. For clad products, an extruded clad aluminum exterior serves a reliable and durable foundation for these quality parts.

Marvin’s Ultimate Windows: Reliability and Stormplus Technology

Reliability is another foundation of the Ultimate Awning window. For residents and customers that live in coastal areas and need a little extra protection, Marvin offers Stormplus technology. This integration can be used in any product and features laminated glass and reinforced frames which offer maximum safety and security when the elements are at their worst.

Why Choose Marvin Windows New Jersey

Regardless of which style or design, or even which glass, you choose for your window, our window professionals and installers will work alongside with you to choose and customize the exact window that fits the aesthetics and structure of your home.