Marvin rotary windows are one of a kind

Even in the vast, diverse world of windows, not many products can be compared to the design of rotary windows, one of Marvin's unique fiberglass replacement windows. These windows feature a beautifully clean circular design, but what really sets them apart is a fully-rotating sash. This sash rotates 360 degrees, opening the window to the exact opening area and angle that you desire. Capable of fitting into small spaces, rotary windows can bring just the right amount of light and air into a room. And just like all Marvin replacement windows, these windows offer unmatched craftsmanship and long-lasting durability.

Complete customizability
Marvin's rotary windows can be customized in various ways to meet the exact specifications that will best suit your home's needs. If you're looking to let in just a slight amount of air, these windows can be set up to open by only a sliver, but they can also be designed to open a full half-circle if you'd like to bring in a fuller breeze.

Rotary windows are available in six different interior finishes, six stain options, and may be painted, primed or clear coated, providing a vast array of aesthetic combinations. An elegant brass pull and flush bolts are attached to the sash – you won't find a more beautiful security design on any other windows. The interior wood cover on the window screen is designed to match the look of of the window's wood finish.

Since Marvin's rotary windows are on the smaller side, they make a great addition to just about any type of room.

Complementary windows
To match the unique characteristics of these windows, you may also want to consider having similar types of Marvin replacement windows installed in your home. The pivot window is another circular window that can fit into smaller spaces. The major difference between these windows and rotary windows is their opening mechanism. Pivot windows – as their name suggests – pivot up to 90 degrees, allowing for just the right level of air flow. They can be designed in either circular or oval shapes to match your personal decor preferences. Offered in either wood or a wood-clad combination, pivot windows can be constructed in almost any manner that you could possibly desire.

Marvin's unique replacement windows are the ultimate solution to giving your home it its own distinct sense of character. The innumerable customization possibilities and extreme durability of rotary and pivot windows make them dream features to any type of home – contemporary or traditional. In addition, the glass used to make these windows is highly energy efficient, helping to optimize air circulation and cut down on your energy bill. If you're looking to innovate the look of your home, you can do no better than by having these windows installed. Get started by calling your local replacement window contractor today.