Great places throughout the home for cozy reading nooks

As nice as a home theater, master bathroom or other stylish renovations and additions are for any home, none of them have the cozy draw of a good reading nook. In any season, a corner of a room designed and decorated specifically for quietly reading, napping or just hanging out makes for a great aesthetic and functional use of space. Reading nooks fit into a number of rooms and many spots have individual perks, but all these cozy corners do require one constant: superior windows.

Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey work well in any part of the home, but if you're looking to design a quiet reading corner, you'll need the best lighting around – and the view doesn't hurt either. Window seats often make the best reading nooks, especially when they're properly padded with pillows.

Marvin windows will offer your reading nook grade-A comfort. Homeowners can customize their window treatments based on climate, so during Northern winters windows retain heat indoors. Meaning that these draft-proof fiberglass replacement windows won't leave you cold. And during the summer, the same materials and design will ensure that your air conditioning doesn't slip out. You can even choose glass options that reflect solar radiation, which means sunlight won't leave you overheated while you continue to enjoy the beautiful view.

Where will these window-lit reading nooks fit best? Consider these three popular locales for yours.

In the bedroom
The bed itself may be the original reading nook, although it may run the risk of being just a little too cozy. Instead, set up a corner of the bedroom that gets plenty of sunlight with a chair and ottoman. This is a great way to kick back and avoid dozing off as you page through a novel. This is also a perfect option for kids, who probably have a good deal of reading to get done each day for class alone.

In the kitchen
While the kitchen serves plenty of other purposes, from homework to dinner, there's no reason not to devote one end to a reading area. Think outside the usual kitchen decor paradigm and bring in a couch and end table for that coffee house vibe. Fire up the espresso machine and suddenly you've got a delicious spot to sip your drink and delve into your latest adventure or romance.

In the sunroom
Sunrooms aren't in fashion like they once were, but if you have a section of the house that gets lots of light and is filled with a few favorite houseplants and flowers, dressing it up as your new reading nook could be a great idea. Just make sure the windows are up to Marvin's energy efficiency standards. Insulated glass coatings dual- or tri-pane design and plenty of other features can make sure that your sunroom not only provides plenty of warm light for the plants, but remains green in more ways than one.