Give your kitchen a new look with Marvin hopper windows

The windows of a kitchen are some of the most defining decor features of the room. If you're a homeowner looking to give your kitchen its own distinctive appearance, consider having Marvin hopper windows installed. These unique Marvin replacement windows belong to the casement window family, but what makes them so special is that they are hinged from the bottom and open from the top.

Here are just a few reasons why hopper windows could be the perfect selection for your beautiful kitchen:

Energy efficiency
One of the best aspects of hopper windows is that they are exceptionally energy efficient. They can fit in small spaces as needed, which could greatly enhance the air circulation in your home. When closed, hopper windows form a compression seal that completely prevents air from passing through. Alternatively, keeping your hopper windows open can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning. Marvin's innovative tri-pane glazing option gives these windows an even greater edge in energy performance.

Hopper windows can vastly improve the ventilation of a room, making them ideal for kitchens, where you'll need greater air circulation while cooking. These windows allow for the entrance of refreshing breezes and the exit of hot air. 

Elegant look
The bottom-hinge feature of hopper windows gives it a very unique aesthetic quality that perfectly complements contemporary style kitchens. In addition, a carefully-placed hopper window set above a pantry door can let in natural light, adding a new sense of atmosphere to your kitchen. Marvin hopper windows are available in many different finish options, so you can select the wood species and exterior color that will best match your kitchen's personal character.

With their superior energy efficiency and optimal ventilation properties, it's easy to see why hopper windows are becoming such a popular item in kitchens. And nothing puts a contemporary spin on a kitchen quite like their glamorous appearance. Hopper windows' ability to fit in smaller areas also makes them an an excellent choice for less spacious rooms, such as a bathroom or basement. If you want to cut down on energy costs and improve circulation, Marvin hopper windows will not disappoint. Call a replacement window company today to discuss having hopper windows installed in your home.