Simple Ways to Enhance Your Traditional Dining Room

The dining room is an important area of the home. It’s where family members gather every night to catch up on each other’s days. If your traditional space is starting to feel old, this is the perfect opportunity to look into Marvin replacement windows.

Though there are plenty of old-fashioned windows available, Marvin windows boast style and customization options that will keep to the theme, but allow you to express your creativity. Furthermore, these easy-to-use windows will ensure that family members have no trouble opening or closing the panes.

Design with lines
Old-fashioned rectangular windows can go with any design. You won’t have to worry about a lack of options when you choose from Marvin’s windows. From the familiar double hung models to the innovative tilt turn and hopper windows, there are a range of products that will enhance your dining room.

If you prefer panes that don’t protrude outward when opened, look into double hung and glider windows. These simple-to-use fixtures will complement the interior and exterior of your home. For a more traditional look, select the double hung. But if you’re going for a modern traditional window, look no further than glider windows. Worried about these looking too out-of-place? After all, glider windows are always found in apartment buildings. However, Marvin’s glider windows feature a wooden interior frame which means your dining room will look old-fashioned but boast plenty of contemporary benefits.

On the other hand, if you prefer windows that open outward, Marvin also carries casement and tilt turn and hopper windows. There are a variety of casement windows, including the push out French casement model, which will give your dining room a boost of elegance. For a truly unique window that family members will love and neighbors will envy, the tilt turn and hopper window is one that opens like a door and at the top, giving you plenty of versatility.

Go for softer elements
Want something less stark in aesthetics? Then Marvin’s round top windows are the perfect fixtures for you. Not only is the gentle curved top easy on the eyes, but if you prefer more customization, there are a number of grilles and patterns to choose from. If you’re going to implement a fixture as classy as a round top window, why not enhance it further?

Marvin’s round top windows are available in two models: casement and double hung. The casement will allow more air flow, which can be beneficial for dining rooms that are located in a part of the home that doesn’t get much of a breeze. However, if your space already gets plenty of air circulation from outside, the double hung round top provides just enough fresh air.

Optimize your dining room and provide family members with a new conversation starter and speak to a replacement window contractor today.