Deciding between bay windows and bow windows

Bay windows and bow windows are two of the best options for giving a room a bit of extra interior space to let it breathe. These window types are designed in a shell formation that projects outside a house, giving your home an innovative look to both its interior and exterior.  Bay and bow windows both serve a similar purpose, so homeowners often face a dilemma when having to decide between these two beautiful Marvin replacement windows.

When making such a difficult decision, consider these key differences between bay and bow windows:

Angles vs. curves
The most clear distinction between these window types has to do with their shapes. Bay windows are usually structured with three openings. The middle opening is the main picture window and the two adjacent openings are smaller accompanying windows. These smaller windows are typically set at 30-, 45-, 60- or 90-degree angles with the center window. However, Marvin allows customers to customize their bay windows – they can be constructed out of any number of windows and placed at any angle imaginable.

Bow windows consist of more than three openings – often five or six. Each opening is equal in size and the angles between them are much less pronounced than those of bay windows. This results in a curved structure and a rounded appearance on the home's exterior. Marvin bow windows are mulled together at each individual window, giving them a more harmonious character.

Contemporary vs. traditional look
Generally, the angular look of bay windows makes them well-suited for contemporary homes, while the semi-circular appearance of bow windows is ideal for more traditional-styled homes. But this is by no means a definitive rule for homeowners to follow. The customization options offered by Marvin allows each window type to match the unique personality of your home.

Making the decision between bay and bow windows might not be easy, but you can at least feel confident that you're getting the best selection of each window type with Marvin. Marvin bay and bow windows are both available in Ultimate Double Hung or Ultimate Casement windows, so you can choose the windows that best suit your home decor. Call a replacement window company today to get started on revitalizing your home with the installation of these windows.