5 Key Values of Marvin Windows

Supernatural Durability

Our replacement windows, equipped with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass material, can withstand the harshest weather. Regardless if you live in a climate where rain, ice, snow, sleet and hail is rampant, there is no compromise in style, and they’re certainly is no compromise in durability.

Whereas Ultrex is resistant to various chemicals and moisture, wood can be broken down by prolonged and significant exposure to the natural elements. Additionally, our panes are reinforced with acrylic, which has proven to be 5x more resistant to the most stringent and harshest conditions. Sadly, wood windows have been known to ultimately warp and rot with time, if they are not properly maintained. Ultimately, our products are resistant to all forms of degradation and, as a result, are not susceptible to decay like wood.

Environmentally Friendly

Using the most modern technology, our fiberglass windows require 39% less resources to produce than many of its competitors. On the other hand, wood requires more trees to be cut down and for every one of ours that is installed, another tree is saved. This is the initiative it takes to be a leader in environmental awareness and promoting improvement in our eco-system. And, this is yet another reason that favors fiberglass when it comes to comparing the two.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our fiberglass windows are coated in acrylic, giving them an unrivaled aesthetic pleasing beauty. Furthermore, they are easy to install and do not require bulky wood that is often required with its counterpart. Wood can become cumbersome, stained, dusty, and even musky. On the opposite end, fiberglass, which is easy to clean and maintain and requires far less attention and care than wood, are the combination of quality and value, performance and beauty.

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