Impervia vs. Ultrex

Both Pella and Marvin feature a renowned product line of fiberglass windows utilized from the highest-quality technology. Pella Impervia windows are a patented fiberglass composite that can withstand extreme heat and subzero temperatures. Additionally, Pella boasts the energy efficiency of Impervia.
ChartOur windows, made up of Ultrex fiberglass, are durable and energy efficient. Unlike Pella, they do not need to rely on composites. Furthermore, Ultrex supplies our products with an unrivaled sparkle and shine that you cannot find anywhere else. Additionally, they are virtually impervious to any weather condition and resistant to a variety of chemicals and moisture. Finally, our windows require 39% less natural resources to produce than any other window or door distributor, including Pella’s Duracast technology.

Acrylic Coated and Stylish Options

Marvin’s competitively priced exterior acrylic finish will keep your replacement windows new and beautiful.  Not only is our exterior finish more durable than Pella, it also offers more pre-finished styling options.

You can choose from one of our many exterior options and finishes to give you an unrivaled and unique customization experience. Furthermore, we are also proud to boast a wide variety of grille options that further drive Marvin’s commitment to creating products that are diverse and specialized to each and every homeowner.


EverWood Interior is a revolutionary composite wood finish that helps you experience the natural beauty of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Your fiberglass windows will look, feel and even stain like wood without further painting, scraping or maintenance. Pella uses painted products to offer a more authentic and natural look. However, ours are identical in both quality and aesthetics, but cost less and do not warp like traditional wood products. EverWood is yet another Marvin solution that offers ergonomic upside compared to our competitors at Pella Windows.

Marvin Infinity Windows: A Promise Delivered

While Pella may offer its “Pella Promise”, we offer our customers an unmatched guarantee: a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This is yet another way Marvin Windows has emerged as a leader in remodels, renovations and home and business window solutions. Pella Windows may offer a no-hassle installation and a total care guarantee, we stand firmly behind our products for life! Our Lifetime Warranty covers all moving parts and window functionality! In addition, all Marvin Windows installed by Global Home Improvement are backed by our matching Labor Warranty!

No other window delivers more value than Infinity replacement windows. Contact us at (887) 387-3093 to learn more.