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Marvin Window NJ: The Better Choice over Anderson Renewal Windows

Compare to Andersen Windows

Are you looking for Anderson Replacement windows? Well consider this, Anderson spends more money on marketing and advertising their product than making a superior window, which is exactly what Marvin has done!

Check out these reviews of Replacement Renewal by Anderson windows

Conversely, Infinity and Integrity Fiberglass by Marvin has been rated at the Top of Consumer Reviews Year in and Year Out! And here’s why:

Marvin Infinity Windows v Renewal by Anderson Windows

  • Fibrex v Ultrex:  Ultrex Fiberglass contains 0% vinyl whereas Fibrex contains up to 40% vinyl and the rest wood pulp. They call it Fibrex to confuse homeowners, but ask them what it is really made of…
  • Expansion & Contraction:  Wood and vinyl composites like Renewal by Anderson expand and contract 3X greater than Ultrex
  • Acrylic Coated: Exterior acrylic finish is more durable thanAnderson’s exterior finishes and giving Marvin Windows NJ maximum color retention
  • Green(Contains no Vinyl) Ultrex is inert, unlike vinyl/wood composites, which can emit harmful environmental gas, pigments, and dyes as it degrades

For the Best Replacement Windows in New Jersey Marvin Infinity Fiberglass is the ideal choice! No other window delivers more VALUE with a Brand name you can trust. Marvin has been manufacturing windows for over 100 years, and fiberglass is the next line of windows to last another 100 years!