5 Key Values of Marvin Windows

  • Fibrex vs. Ultrex – Durability and longevity are two features that will either make or break a sale. While Andersen boasts of Fibrex for outliving the highest quality vinyl on the market, Marvin’s innovative Ultrex Fiberglass will outlast Fibrex by at least 8 times longer. Unlike Ultrex, which is made of a pultruded fiberglass material — so strong and durable that it cannot be cut without a diamond-edge blade — Fibrex is made of 40% vinyl and a mixture of wood pulp. Because vinyl and wood pulp are susceptible to temperature, they are prone to crack and structural damage overtime.
  • Expansion & Contraction – Ultrex fiberglass contains 0% vinyl and is impervious to severe temperature changes. Unfortunately, vinyl and wood pulp are quite vulnerable to weather conditions. In fact, Fibrex, like wood and vinyl, is subject to contract and expand 3 times greater than our premium Ultrex. No matter how you look at it, Infinity from Marvin outperforms Andersen Renewal in both durability and longevity. It’s time to quit Fibrex and fully embrace Ultrex Fiberglass for its unmatched strength and prolonged service life.
  • Acrylic Coated – No homeowner wants his/her hard earned money wasted on short-term aesthetics. Marvin’s competitively priced exterior acrylic finish will keep your windows new and beautiful. Not only is Marvin’s exterior finish more durable than Andersen’s, it also offers maximum color retention for years to come.
  • Green (Contains no Vinyl) – While sustainability, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency work like a charm in the home improvement industry, Marvin is the only ones that lives up to the promise. As an inert material, Ultrex Fiberglass is biodegradable and completely toxin free. Meanwhile, vinyl and wood composites are known to emit harmful environmental gas, pigments, and dyes as it degrades.

Infinity Windows from Marvin: The Champion of All Window Products

Whether it is wood, vinyl, or Andersen Replacement windows, Marvin is the champion of them all. As a durable product that will not shrink in cold weathers and crack during the summer, Infinity windows from Marvin are definitely the better choice. Besides offering unmatched durability and longevity, they can emulate the classical flair of wood without falling victim to the common weather and pest challenges wood faces every day. Even better, we offer a generous selection of styles and designs that surpass all window products, which can also be easily repainted overtime. You are welcomed to refurnish your window with new colors any time you wish!

For the Best Replacement Windows in New Jersey, contact us at (887) 387-3093! No other window delivers more VALUE with a Brand name you can trust.